Beaver Tree has been caring for my trees and shrubs for many years. As a result, I have several outstanding and healthy specimens that are the envy of my neighbors. These include Spruces, Redbuds, Dawn Redwoods, River Birches and a towering Pin Oak which theoretically should not do well in our alkaline soil. A representative of a local Arboretum called this tree “spectacular”.

Whether it comes to care and maintenance or removal of diseased trees or branches, I trust the experienced eyes of Beaver Tree to give me the best advice and the best results. In terms of cost, I know of no competitor who can beat their price.

I have recommended this company to several neighbors who admired their work and all have been very satisfied. There are some large competitors in this area, but the smaller size of Beaver Tree means you get a core group of people who know your property and expectations very well. The end result is they consistently work to ensure maximum customer satisfaction at all times.

James and Doris Young

We have been a client of Beaver Tree Specialists for twelve years. Jack and his team have provided the spring through fall care of our trees. Our crab trees blossoms are beautiful in the spring with the annual spraying and all of our trees have had fertilizing to keep them healthy and green. You can depend upon them to carry out the treatments. I heartily recommend Beaver Tree Specialists for the care of your trees.

Robert and Riki Koelling

When we moved into our home 15 years ago, it came with two beautiful crab apple trees that shaded the patio.   It wasn’t until July that we realized those beautiful trees had apple scab disease and every year they would lose all their leaves, leaving us with bare branches and a patio of dead leaves.  After several years of watching the trees deteriorate, we were fortunate enough to consult with Beaver Tree.   Jack recommended a yearly springtime spray to prevent the leaf drop and some deep root feeding to strengthen the tree.   We are more than trilled with the results.  The trees are thriving and get more beautiful each year.   Over the ten years we have been using Beaver Tree, in addition to the tree spraying, they have also consulted on and trimmed the other trees we have on the property.  Each time, Jack and his crew have gone beyond our expectations, all at a very reasonable price.  We cannot stress enough how happy we are with the knowledge and service that they provide.

The Nelson’s

Jack Casino has been caring for our trees since 1995.  He has done everything from simple trimming to taking down several mature Elms.  Once when we were away on vacation, he was there to remove a fallen tree limb from our driveway after a storm.  But the most remarkable thing Jack was warn us of the Ash Borer two years before it was in the news in Illinois.  He called to tell us that this insect was heading toward our area but that a scientist at Michigan State University had found a way to inject the Ash trees to protect them.  We decided to get the treatment and last year when the Ash Borer spread through Naperville our trees were the only Ash to survive.

It is with this dedication that Jack takes tree care to the next level.  I highly recommend to anyone who has any trees on their property to call Jack and his team of professionals to care and protect this precious resource.

Anne Kreft