Trees- Some food for thought

  • Have you ever noticed how children and families gravitate to parks with trees? How picnic tables by trees are the most used?
  • Have you noticed that homes and lots with mature trees cost more and are more valuable than those without mature trees?
  • Do you like to hike, bike, and jog in the Forest Preserves and on the Prairie Path as opposed to open, flat land?
  • Are there tree-lined streets that you love to drive down on a sunny day?
  • Do you smile when you think about your trees? How they smell in the spring, shade your home, rustle in the wind, ring out with bird-song, buffer the noises around your, clean your air, stabilize your soil, turn bright colors in the fall, stand snow-laden and clear in the winter?

If so, you know the values of trees and the value of caring for them. Let us help you do that, professionally, consistently and economically.


  • Possible causes for tree removal: disease or infestation which is unresponsive to treatment or is contagious, dangerous conditions caused by age, location which poses danger to persons or property, undesirable species.
  • Our removals are performed safely, responsibly and efficiently.
    Clean-up is complete, thorough and courteous.
  • As recommended by the National Arborist Association, we will professionally evaluate your tree(s) if you suspect any hazardous condition (you could be held responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by a tree on your property). Our expertise in complete tree care can offer solutions to remedy the situation and save the tree, avoiding removal unless absolutely necessary or desired by the homeowner.
Stump Grinding

  • We will grind the stumps of removed trees (new or existing stumps) below ground level so you can landscape the area
Wood Chips

  • We chip branches and limbs at the job site. You can keep your chips or we can haul them away after tree trimming/ removal. We also deliver wood chips for your landscaping and mulching needs, with a small delivery charge.

Snow Plowing (Midwest Snow Plowing)
  • We provide services to both residential and commercial accounts. Most of our client have been with us for many years because we are reliable, neat, and honest. If you are considering snow removal services, or are dissatisfied with your current service, please call us for a free estimate!