About Our Complete Tree Care Services:

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  • Improves the health, strength, and longevity of your trees.
  • Your trees will have a much better chance of resisting disease, infestation, and injury.
  • Maintaining your trees on a preventative basis, and treating any problems early if they are detected, will GREATLY increase the chances of your tree’s survival versus trying to “cure” a sick tree in later stages of decline.

Disease Treatments

  • The two most common causes of tree disease are bacteria and fungus.
  • Common symptoms include curled or spotted leaves, wilting, or loss of leaf or flower color.
  • There are three requirements if disease is to cause decline of a tree:
  • A susceptible host plant.
  • A disease-causing organism
  • An environmental and time-span suitable for infection and disease development
  • Our quality tree care program will help prevent the disease cycle form being completed. Strong, stress free trees will be better able to fight off the disease causing pathogens.

Pest Control

  • There are 7 major groups of insects which cause damage to trees: aphids, leafhoppers, plant and lace bugs, scale, mites and leaf miners, defoliators, and borers.
  • Insect control is based on identifying the group, the life cycle, and the susceptible life-stage of each particular pest.
  • We offer spray applications and systemic injections to rebuild your trees immune system and provide relief from insect damage.
  • Along with our tree care program to add strength and resistance to your trees, pest control (when an infestation is diagnosed) is an important component of complete tree protection.

High Pressure Deep Root Fertilization

  • Fertilization stimulates growth of the tree to give strength against stresses such as disease, infestation, poor soil conditions, drought, or tree injury. Your trees will be far more able to uptake and retain water and grow vigorous foliage to manufacture nutrients.
  • Beaver Tree uses a specialized liquid mixture of essential nutrients, applied by the most effective means a sub-surface, high-pressure injection. This method ‘shoots’ the highly concentrated fertilizer directly into the feeding root-zone of your tree.
  • Just like us, trees do not survive on water alone. Our feeding program, performed at least once per year, gives your trees the nutrients they require for survival, resistance and strength